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The Tide is turning!

TARANG, IIITDM Jabalpur's very own cultural fest, the largest in Central India, reemerges after 5 years! Strap in, for an epic revival!

Tarang has been met with unending fervor since 2007, featuring multiple events from various cultural domains. It's attracted a surge of creative zeal from some incredible artists all over the country; from the soothing symphonies of "Unplugged" to the verbal warfare of "The Great Debate," dance battles of "Jhankar" to creative clashes like "Spirit of Art," flash mobs and workshops and so much more. Tarang promises to sweep everyone in its wake, leaving them full of enthusiasm, no matter where they come from!

Witnessing glorious performances from top artists such as Jassie Gill and Babbal Rai, it's no surprise that TARANG has received footfalls of thousands from technical colleges across the country. We provide a platform to students from all over to get a chance to interact, enhance and demonstrate their creativity while competing in exciting contests and challenges, flooding our campus with their immense talent.


Since 2007


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A Display of Dedication

Tarang is where students can let loose and exhibit their real passions—whether it's dance, music, drama, literature, photography or anything, really. It's like a convergence of cultures and talents, an ocean where the rivers of everyone's unique skills combine and blossom.


participating colleges



Star-Studded Spectacle

Of course, there have also been great stars that have graced the fest, proving to be a beacon of inspiration. Aakash Mehta, renowned comedian had the entire campus roaring with laughter. We would tell you his jokes, but you just HAD to be there!

Obviously no fest is complete without a DJ Night and boy was the last DJ night WILD! After tremendous success at sunburn, Julia Bliss herself was the DJ of the night in question, making the campus jive and groove to her sick EDM vibes. Her beats are playing in our heads to this day!

Student Spirit

Tarang represents the spirit of student culture at IIITDMJ. Every Tarang has been able to showcase the best of student cultural activity from various colleges across the nation, and there's no doubt Tarang '23 will continue a legacy of hard-work, talent and skill.

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