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Script Your Story, Shoot for Stardom at Ciniverse!

Ciniverse is a Online Film making competition, that can be presented in a genre of tour personal choice and will be judged based on cinematography, lighting, editing and color grading.

Date: till Nov 1, 2023

Time: till Nov 1, 2023

Event Category: Photography

Event Mode: online

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  • Film should be a minimum of 5mins, and must not exceed 30 mins.

  • Films can be from any language of your choice.

  • Judgment prioritization is based on technical features of film: a. Cinematography b. Editing c. Lighting d. Color grading

Participation Type:

  • You can participate as "Solo".


  • Darsi Manjith (+91 9346485364)

  • Praneeth (+91 986602939)


  • Kaushal Sahani (+91 7992211802)

Prize Pool:

  • There is a prize pool of ₹8000 to be won.

52GG+H4G, Airport Rd, PDPM IIITDM Jabalpur Campus, Khamaria, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh 482005